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my first scratch built rocket. Long Flat Daddy


So my flat Big Daddy rocket lawn darted last weekend. I was going to fix it, but I messed up a bit. I had ordered some 3 inch body tube and a bunch of balsa plywood and figured I could scratch rebuild the Big Daddy since I had the nose cone.


Cut out my fins and engine mount rings. The tubes were 34 inches long and I just went with it.

Used a jig saw, bench grinder, and dremel to get them nice. Sanded them down with a nice airfoil profile.




Fins go through the body tube and I epoxy attached to the motor tube with fillets all around. It will launch with 29MM reloadable engines. First flight looks to be 1500 feet. Huge launch this Sat out near Beatrice. Got the FAA clearance for 17,000 feet for 5 hours. It is going to be awesome.


Sketched up the rocket in Open Rocket software and was informed that I would need to put a stuffer tube in so the ejection charge will work correctly. I had made extra centering rings and had the tube so it was easy. Took 2 tubes of epoxy to build. Payload section is 8 inches. It is going to be awesome.


A 29MM motor retention bit has been JB weld’ed onto her. Makes switching out the reloads much easier and I do not need any motor clips or motor blocks. I can go with longer and more powerful motor cases in the future since the motor now connects to the end of the tube. Plywood motor mount construction means this is going to be strong as heck.

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