Tis a sad sad day indeed. My camera has died. A week or so ago the LCD display stopped working. No big, I could work around that. Most of the time I just save everything onto a memory card and upload it to the computer. The other day when an attempt was made to turn it on, the lil green light just kept flashing. Since the LCD screen is broken we couldn’t check for an error message. My husband who does not have a degree in cameradoctology proceeded to take it apart. Now the light turns on and stays steady but the lense cover doesn’t open or anything. No whirr, no nothing.

And maybe just MAYBE the rattling on the trails led to it’s demise. I will not take full responsibility for it but it’s looking like I get to anyway. Have had the camera for at least 6 years I think so now it’s time for an upgrade.

But not one that will be riding on the bike anytime soon. For that I am watching ebay for a repeat of the one that I had and no more offroading with it.

Honest. 🙂

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