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mower tech has come a long way in the past couple decades


I have been awaiting this day for about 5 years now. My old mower finally died. For about 11 years I have been using a lawn boy mower an old roommate left me. It was a tank that never spent a day in the garage. For 11 years it sat besides the garage and started on the 3rd pull after 20 primes. It leaked fuel, was loud as heck, and seemed ready to die for the last 5 years. Saturday the pull cord finally snapped and I rejoiced. I was even considering putting a hit out on it for a while there.

I did some searching and found my dream mower, but I could not find one for sale within a 40 mile radius, so I moved on to my 2nd choice. The difference between my old mower and the Craftsman was much more than I was expecting. The power of that blade is freakish. I only got it to bog down once and that was because the bag was full. The big wheels in back make maneuvering it a breeze. Started on the first pull every time. The deck cleaner does a decent job.

I cannot remember ever using a bag to catch clippings. I needed it this time because the grass was really tall. It did a good job catching the grass. I took the bag off for the front and it mulched like crazy and moved around even easier. It looks like I have carpet for grass. I even cleaned an area in the garage for her.

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