Milage through wilderness


so a nice young lady, Sydney, who is a Cornhusker State games double gold champ asked “what is the milage on a tues night MWC ride?” I had an idea, and others on (the local bike gang blog) had clues, but no actual #’s

I took it upon myself to figure it out. Set out sunday early to avoid the heat, well that was the plan, did not work out like I thought it would. Oh well. I grabbed many different lengths for yall to add together and figure out your route.

here is the breakdown: (all in miles)
from Pioneers parking lot to the first bridge:
.75 (it is the same length if you take biker or hiker)

from main bridge to the beeramid:

from beeramid to 14th:

from 14th to EP bridge:

From EP bridge to Satillo road:

Hiker side from 14th to the main bridge:

So a usual MWC ride taking biker out and hiker back is:
15.29 miles from pioneers to Ep and back to Pioneers.

NWTT: 10.19

pioneers to Satillo parking lot taking biker: 8.79

biker from pioneers to 14th 6.04
hiker from pioneers to 14th 5.65