Memories.. Of the way it was…??

So after my recent tumble with my bike I got to thinking about how I used to not be so scared when riding my bike off road. I was reminded of what I used to ride in Wilderness Park called “The Bowl” circa 1993.

Now many of you may remember this Bowl. It was on the north side of Pioneers and was accessed by a trail offshoot from the hiker trail as it came out of the west side of the park. Or so I think it was. You could also go left out of the Pioneers parking lot and get to it. It was just your typical big hole in the ground with trails that went around and through it.

I THOUGHT that it was the city that tore down the access points to it (I think the creek looped around it and they cut through the middle so the creek flowed through) but the one and only website entry I could find on said that it was a washout that stopped access but that you could walk down and up to still get to it.

The article is probably pretty old. So I wonder – does the bowl still exhist and does anyone still ride it?

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