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Meet my new TOY Bloo


The Rust Rocket died last week. We mourned for a decent amount of time. Being me, I started looking for a replacement. I happened upon a CL posting for a perfect for me Toyota truck. 1989 4 speed manual basic as hell Toyota short bed truck. After some negotiations and testing out from a mechanic we made a deal and I bought it Tuesday night.

Theresa was completely behind me on this purchase. It was not some newer and expensive truck. It is a Toyota, which we know rule, and I can finally have something that I can trust to take me out of town…. or within town and not need her to follow me.

This truck has been loved like a child. The log book included with the truck filled me with joy. So detailed. Pics below and more story.


lots more

So she had apparently wrote down over a decade of fill ups and maintenance. And while dealing with her it seemed she had a severe connection to the truck. It was the most dependable and meant for a child to go to college with…… It did not work out that way.

We took it for an inspection…Brakes needed and the swing arm pins are gone, but easily fixable. Overall it is a severely nice truck for its age. This will be the 4th truck I have owned from this generation. they are not powerful, but insanely dependable and I can work on any part of it without any issue. During the inspection one person said they could hook it up to the computer and see if any codes came up. The tech standing next to them just laughed. It made me smile.

Stopped by the O’Reilly’s to get some bits and headed home to play.



During the inspection I was told the right rear parking light was out. Theresa following me home noticed it flickering. I replaced a near failing bulb and cleaned the reflective cover with glass cleaner and NOVUS plastic cleaner to make it like new. It is pretty as heck right now and shines so good.


The tailgate was a bit squeaky, but functioned amazingly. I used some WD40 to stop the squeak, but plan on tearing down and greasing all the mechs including the support arms in the near future.


New windshield wiper units installed. They came with new screws, but the main arms are rusted bad and need replacing, which will happen soon.


The interior was dusty, but the seats have apparently been covered since it came out of the factory. They still have that frog fur feel to them. I am almost in shock with how well this truck has been taken care of. It will take weeks of tearing Bloo down to get her all clean. I might even pull out the plastic / rubber floor material and do her up right with some minimal carpet.


I got the dead truck I can salvage parts from. Hello decent tires, interior bits, and anything else I can tear out of it. Buddy has a car trailer that he is willing to winch a shell of a truck onto for the scrap yard. I got my eye on some sweet hubcaps too. The future is bright.

To D (who I bought it from), I promise to make her shine in a way that will make you proud. Stereo install, tint, a waxing, and a full tuneup. I look forward to sending updates on your old girl.


Continued record keeping starts now. Thanks again and she is in perfect hands.

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