look mom….. no pee


Last week we took Zobert in because it seemed she had urinary incontinence. She would dribble while she was at rest or asleep. She is now on some meat flavored chews that are good at tightening the pee sphincter and have not seen any spots. She is getting better at not piddling in the house as well. She about 6.5 months and is still pretty tiny, but will piddle down on the landing if we do not notice her begging to go outside. Better than on the carpet I guess.

Just to make it clear. We let the dogs out every 30 minutes when they are awake. They have fun and do their stuff and come right back in. Zoey is trained, but never responds to requests to go outside. She will signal… and you respond in a happy voice …… and she just stares at you. No response at all. So it is so hard to tell. Fuggles makes it known and it is easy as hell.

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