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KittyThunkle update


Oh man that was a hard pic to get. Theresa whispered “grab that camera and get over here all sneaky like”. This does not happen often.

KT is now drinking from the toilet which is really cute. he uses his paw to see where the water level is and then gets all frustrated when his paw gets wet.


Little bugger is gaining weight like crazy. He was so skinny when we rescued him and tipped the scales at 2.4 pounds. I am sure he is much heavier now. He has many safe spots all around the house and uses them to mess with the dogs. He darts from one to the next while the dogs chase in utter frustration. He loves to taunt the pups. We still put KT in the bedrooms when we are away, but I am sure they all get along fine enough to stop doing that here soon.

He got let out in the back yeard on accident with the pups, did not run away though, just kicked it in the sun. His brother was adopted by the feral children two doors down. That poor cat will prob not live long after seeing how those feral children treat it. I have seen it in a tree, hiding under cars, being carried by its collar, and used to play catch with.

KT’s food dish is up on our plant stand. He loved the jungle of houseplants, but we took them outside and grew some kitty grass that came with his food dish. Figured out it is just barley and wheat, but he likes to nom nom nom on it. We had some marigolds on a table and he was in heaven.


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