JTK.: Barely a Restaurant Review

Disclaimer: One of my best mates is the service manager at J.T.K., and another is one of the bartenders

I went to JTK with some lady friends the other night for dinner. Located in the Train Station in Lincoln’s Haymarket, JTK is a very classy joint. It’s French inspired cuisine, so you know it’s nice. We showed up at 7 o’clock on a Friday night, so there was a bit of a wait for a table. An hour and a half seemed long, so we opted to sit outside, where there’s a lovely view of the trainyard. Entrees are little spendy for what you find in Lincoln, ranging from $15 for the pastas to $30-ish for the steaks. However liquor is pretty dang cheap, considering they have have some top shelf stuff. For an appetizer I had Wild Turkey Rye and water. I highly recommend it, especially as it was a bit chilly outside so the whiskey warms you up. I had the grilled steak salad. Not at all what I was expecting, I was thinking it was just a bit of lettuce with some steak thrown on top. What I was given was tastefully arranged on a square plate (I’m a sucker for square plates) a mound of those weeds that you can eat (dandelion leaves, other things you would feed a rabbit), with straws on top, tossed with an awesome vidalia onion dressing and two tomato wedges on the side. And some well laid out strips of grilled steak. It was mighty tasty.

Jenna, one of my dinner companions had the fettucini alfredo with chicken. Being as she is just a wee lass, unable to complete a big plate of pasta, she gave me some to try. It was really good as well, the alfredo sauce had a really smoky flavor. Pairs well with the rye whiskey. Or you can select something from the well put-together wine list as well.

All in all, it’s a damn fine restaurant. I would say that if you’ve got some bucks to spend or a lady to impress, give JTK a go. They’re having a six-course wine tasting next month, I’m going to try to go to.

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