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it took me 23 days to get to Level 8 in ingress


I earned my Level 8 at The wooden sun at 28th and O street at near noon on Saturday. It was a great feeling. Level 8 is basically the highest level of items and regular play in the game, pretty much when you have made it to a top player. I have traveled 121 kilometers playing. At least 50 miles biking. I have made new friends and joined a team of darn neat people. I have been sent out on missions and since I live close to portal dense downtown I am called on to assist every now and then. The community is fun. I have been picked to do some crazy missions.

Theresa is not too interested to play it, but it has gotten us out multiple times to walk the dogs. Last Saturday we saw LARPers in Antelope park and cruised through the Sunken Gardens with the dogs. I have learned the names of so many pieces of public art. Been down alleys and paths I never knew existed. I am down 3 pounds since I started playing.

Here is another basic play video Ingress released today that uses real players to try and explain how it is played.

If you want to join my team go Resistance / blue and I will assist you.

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