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it really makes no vas defrans to me


Dec 16th I get titanium clips on both ends of my vas defrans after they have been cauterized, folded over, and stitched


Theresa must bring me food and beer while I sit on frozen peas in my Husker jock strap


Asian couples must still use condoms 😉

So it seems I have made a decision, but I do not plan on getting a new domain name. We both just really do not want kids. Theresa has a lot of trouble with birth control and I think at some point I agreed to get a vasectomy as part of some deal where I got a pinball machine. Should be fun.

We have been married long enough that nobody asks us when we are going to have kids anymore. I bet my blunt responses to that question actually worked or something 😉

Repeat, but it sums up me well.

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