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Was getting tired of the basement smell and we finally got our first water in the basement. Some dirt fixed the water getting issue, but we decided a dehumidifier would be a good investment. Doing the research kinda shocked me. They simply do not make them like they used to. The average life of a dehumidifier is 2 years. I think my parents are still using the one they had when I was a kid. Also they are pretty much not worth having serviced if they break down. I figured a 50 pint unit would work well for our house and amazon sells them. We gladly paid the $3.99 for overnight shipping (I love Amazon Prime)

It showed up over lunch and you have to wait for the coolant to settle before you turn it on. I rushed home from work to play with it. It sucks a good amount of water out of the air. Ended up hooking up a hose to it so it could drain into the floor drain. They say it can take up to 3 days till I hit my desired humidity %, but it already seems to be working good.

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