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it is so nice to see yall once again. My last backup was dec 11th.


Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh that was a big pain. Seems my webhost lost every single one of my databases along with a bunch of other folks. I am in the 12 hour range of not having my ticket replied to and decided to restore my two main sites from backups.

Theresa for the win on fixing some crazy mysql stuff. Smooches bunz.

I am not in the mood to post at the moment. I have tons lined up though. Kept a text file with all the links and stuff. Thing is I hope they can restore the old database and then this temp database will not matter. I will copy out all the posts I make from now on and add them to the restore.

It was crap, but a lot of crap I lost. Heck food and bacon stuff. memakefood is out of luck if they cannot restore. All my other 10 + sites are hosed right now. A real bummer.

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