Iphone 2.2 OS re-locks unlocked phones

I don’t run an Iphone, but I do run an hacked Windows Mobile 6.0 phone. 

Heads up!

iPhone 2.2 OS re-locks (some) legitimately unlocked iPhones

Uh oh — closing holes is all well and good, but it looks like Apple may have closed one too many holes in the iPhone‘s firmware this time around. In a possible attempt to discourage intrepid iPhone unlockers, it seems like the bigwigs in Cupertino accidentally relocked some legitimately unlocked units. Users in Apple’s support forums report have been having mixed results, with some users no worse for the wear and others only able to make emergency calls. So if you’ve got an unlocked iPhone (and would prefer not to have to ship it to Vietnam) maybe you should resist the urge to hit that update button until this situation gets sorted out. Either way, be sure to sound off in the comments if you’ve got an unlocked iPhone and have successfully (or unsuccessfully) upgraded.

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