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Milky Way French Vanilla & Caramel Is simply glorious. The vanilla is strong and they are light like clouds. I am so hooked. Snickers Mixed Nuts bars are the salty sweet you never knew you craved from a snickers. Once these are gone I will just dip a regular snickers in salt like a french […]

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Snickers 3X chocolate

Seems snickers is the Mtn dew of candybars on how often they come out with new flavors. I am not all that much of a chocolate lover, but had to try. I showed Theresa all excited and her response was “meh, it is not Xtreeeeeme”. She is still mad they no longer make the Xtreme […]

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snickers Xtreme and snickers peanut butter

USTOP had these limited edition snickers. The Xtreme is all nuts and caramel covered in chocolate. It is nice that it is still a full height bar unlike the Milky way caramel which was thinner than a normal Milky way. The caramel is just soft enough and delicious. The peanut butter one comes in two […]

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snickers rockin nut road

Snickers has been mixing it up lately. This claims to be almonds, caramel and marshmallow-flavored nougat wrapped in dark chocolate. Mmmmmmm…. flavored. Not a big fan of dark chocolate nor marshmallow, so this was meh…. to me. Still those two flavors kinda cancel each other out. At least it was not a snickers charged. Candy […]

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snickers adventure bar

So they added coconut to the snickers, cuz you know coconut is so advetourous. It was pretty darn good though. I could not really see the coconut in there, but it had the grit and taste. I think it was toasted. mmmmmm mmm mmm toasted. When it comes to chocolate a snickers is the sheeeeet. […]

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the candy blog already has this one covered and I agree with them. This is mega uber lame candy. It looked OK, smelled OK, and the first bite was OK. I set it down and let my mouth secretions start cleaning up in there. The aftertaste is pretty bad. I feel like Juan Valdez just […]

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How it’s made

– Airbags – Airline food – Asphalt – Bacon – Bagels – Balloons – Beef jerky – Bowling balls – Canned corn – Cereal – Chains – Cigarettes – Coffee – Colored pencils – Croissants – Cutlery – Doritos – Doughnuts – Erasers – Fibre optics – Fortune cookies – Golf Balls – Glass bottles […]

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just a snack

A pound snickers bar get yours

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