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We have been using Adamz K9 for 3 years and have not had any complaints. They even list me on their testimonials page. It is a nice sign though. Might put it down by the tree ring.

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We have been using Adamz K9 waste cleanup since March 2008 and have never had a single problem. This years snow was a pain, but they trudged through to my back yard and chiseled out the stuff and did a super clean when it all melted. My testimonial I also messed with the sidebar a […]

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Really glad we decided to go with Adamz. I am just too lazy to do it. I was home when the guy came and saw his secret tool. It is one of those dustpans on a stick and a tiny rake. It is really nice to have the yard clean and poo free. No stink […]

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That was some work, but so worth it. Adamz starts two mondays from now. I will finally be a good neighbor. And the camera 🙁 As you might be able to see, the pic above is fuzzy. When the lense pops out it sounds strange. I dropped it good a month back when the lense […]

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Gee Schteeev what you doing with your day off? Picking a few metric tons of poo. It so fun 😉 Fuggles and Maggie get to spend some time in the warm sun while I have been raking up the back yard. It is getting there. Man there is so much dook and just junk back […]

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OK quick update on todays posts

Gene showed me the way. I had no clue the Olive Garden has recipes on its site. We will be trying this some time soon. And once the poo glacier recedes and I get a good cleaning done we will be setting up weekly poo service with Adamz K9. I just do not put enough […]

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