I’m ready to roll…

Yesterday I stopped by Monkey Wrench Cycles and Nate hooked me up with some pedals and toe clips. I fashioned them to my MONTAGUE last night, and went on a test ride. It’s amazing what “working” pedals will do for you. Especially for an anal person like myself who hates hearing mechanical noises coming from my bike as I ride. Now I can get back on the trails … AFTER I get my front wheel true’d. (That probably has something to do with my inability to stay on my bike as I’m riding singletrack. Maybe? LOL!)

I even tested the toe clips for triathlon transition readiness, and they passed with flying colors. Passing with flying colors entails holding my running shoes in place while the bike sits in transition. Basically, I need to be able to eliminate the few seconds it takes to pull shoes on. Now I just slip my feet into the shoes as I’m pedaling. It’s hard to explain … Hopefully you catch my drift.

Well, I’ve been studying since 10am, and it’s now 11:15pm. This was a nice break, but it’s back to studying for me … two exams tomorrow (back-to-back).

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