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I have been wanting a soda vending machine for a while now and the rust rocket finally died


Picked up this 2004 Dixie Narco 320 yesterday. It is in working condition, but needs a severe cleaning. Weighs 643 pounds, holds 320 cans, can vend 8 different flavors, and will make a nice addition to the BorKade. I plan on setting it up for free operation and filling it with beer and soda. Now I just need to get it in the basement.

Unfortunately this beast finally killed the rust rocket. It simply gave up in the middle of 15th street and Theresa helped me get it home with a tow strap. I can’t believe it lasted this long actually. Cracked head so it smokes and coolant leaks into the oil, radiator leaks, no hazard lights or horn, muffler attached right to the manifold so it has killer backfires, transmission slips in and out of gear, and the alternator is dead so I had to charge it before I drove it in the daylight. I am kind of relieved that it finally happened. Figure I can call up some place that will haul it away for scrap money.

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