Hormel turkey pepperoni waaaaay better than I thought it would be


I have been enjoying tiny pizzas for lunch for a few weeks now thanks to Le Quartier‘s fine pizza crusts. I am used to Hormel regular pepperoni and have branched out before with little luck, so I figured the turkey ones could not be that bad, but would prob suck. Suck like turkey bacon, ewwwwwwww………

With regular pepperoni I always microwave them for 40 seconds to get the tons of grease out so I figured the turkey ones would need it. As you can see in the pic very little grease came off them after a good nuke. The color is still strange red no doubt from artificial color, but the spices are exactly the same. The flavor was only slightly off which surprised me. I like my pepperoni burnt to a crisp and these get there just like their fatty porky relatives. With 70% less fat I will keep using them no problem.

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