Green is good, red is bad


If only the trails were REALLY color coded. At this part on a trail in Landahl Park in Blue Springs, MO I usually stop, walk my bike down the red line and then continue on. Sometimes I slow waaaaaay down and just coast through the crack, with my feet on the sides to guide me. I don’t think I have ever had the courage to ride the green line down. But today my brain just wasn’t clicking and as I stopped to walk through the red line .. Well, my bike and I had a little tussle, I fell onto the top tube (thank goodness i had the padded shorts on!), the seat went into my lower back and the front chain holder oners (sprocket?) kissed my right calf.


That’s how it looked an hour later when I got to the parking lot. Darn right I kept going! Rain was on the way and I only get the chance to ride on the weekends unless I get up early and ride before work. The bruising is a bit worse on the top portion and a little swollen. The horizontal line must have been dirt cuz it is gone. A few little scratches along the bottom portion.

Not as bad as the girl who ran into the other person and got the banged up face but I think this might be my nastiest mtb injury to date.

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