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Gorgar lives


The night I picked up this Gorgar project pin I messed with it for a bit and was able to play it. The next day after some more repair I ended up breaking the board. I ordered parts and had no luck. Eventually sent the boards off to Hans of Siegecraft electronics for repair. Hans specializes in only Williams system 3-7 boards.

I opted for the premium repair where sockets for the chips get installed instead of soldering the chips directly to the board and for a memory cap to replace the batteries. I will never need to change batteries On Gorgar again. The repair and testing was $70 including shipping.

I put the boards back in, triple checked all connections and anything I could find before very nervously flipped the power switch. He fired right up and I played him late into the eve. It is a pretty simple game since it is so old, but I like it.

I have started up a parts order. Complete flipper rebuild, new feet, leg bolts and brackets, rubbers, flipper buttons and flipper switches. The cabinet has been covered in blue paint I need to continue stripping off, and finally flatten the playfield plastics and he will shine. Once I have the repairs done I will have to decide if I want to let it go or have it stick around. It is just nice to finally have 4 working machines along that wall.

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