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5. Anal gland discharge. Zoey and Fuggles play really rough. A few times we have noticed Zoey smelling like fish, tuna / salmon, and Theresa does put both in the soup she makes for the dogs. Well last night Zoey came in from outside and had her tail super tucked and her backside was soaked and the fish smell was insane. We googled it and it was the glands for sure. She got another sink bath and was a bit freaked. Seems it can happen when they are scared so we bet Fuggles beat the crap out of her outside.

4. No more pooping for two. Blocked off access to the litter box so the little turd burglar cannot feast, butt Thunky can still get in there.

3. Drinking from the toilet. Zoey has a very small bladder and gorges on water. We have had to restrict her water to control how much she was peeing. Then she finally figured out how to drink from the toilet like Fuggles and Thunky. Last night it was so awesome. I made pee pee and she was all up in my junk and when I was done she got her paws up and was looking into the bowl. I flushed and it totally blew Zoey away. She backed up some, looked really intensly at the swirling water, back up at me with a “OMFG WTF” look and then back into the bowl. Was funny as hell.

2. TOYS TOYS TOYS….. We have a toy box for the dogs and she just loves grabbing each toy out and running around the house dropping them everywhere. She goes till the whole box is empty and then whines and bugs us till we round up the toys and it starts all over again. It is really cute, but hope this does not become a lifetime habit.

1. My little snuggle buddy. Theresa is the beastmaster. All the pets so far have liked her way more than me. Thunky will allow me to pet him every now and then, but snuggles with Theresa constantly and I just accept it. But Zoey loves me. I get to sleep with her in my bed every night and we both seem to like it. In the mornings Theresa gets up earlier and lets the dogs out and feeds them. Once brekkie is over Zoey comes to my bed and begs to be brought on the bed for more snuggles and sleepies. She likes me, she really really likes me

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