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Fuggles got hit by a SUV last night. She is fine though


Yup my little Fugly Wugly got smacked good by a late 90’s jeep Cherokee. I took her over to a friends last night. Theresa dropped me, my bike, and Fuggles off near his house. She had a bunch of fun playing with Oscar, Paige, and one of the puppies. She got tons of love from bunches of peeps and it was a good night. We left and headed for the long 30 – 40 block trip home.

Fuggles is really good with me on the bike. I was thinking earlier Friday evening while running her around the neighborhood about making a video to show you folk just how amazingly awesome she is with me while I am on a bike. Well I might be a bit too cocky about how good I thought she was. No wait, I am.

Fuggles was doing really stellar running next to me down the side streets and even Q street. Heeling on my left as she always does. It was around midnight so traffic was really light. I was not holding her leash since she was being so good. We cruised through campus. Came to stops at the lights where Fuggles sat and stayed perfectly. She was doing so good I was gleaming. We made it way down Q street with her in the proper lane with me all the way to 10th. The light was green so we kept going. I had my hood on so I could not see behind me too well. I figured she was right behind me, but she was not. She apparently got freaked out by the cars and froze up. I made it across the street but she stayed. I stopped and the traffic started to cross. I yelled “Stay” and she took off towards me into oncoming traffic. The Cherokee that had just started going pegged her hard. It was a sickening thud. I threw my bike down in the street and ran into the traffic to get her. She was completely fine. She did not even make a noise when she got smacked. The driver stopped to see if the pup was OK. Fuggles went up and got some pettings and licked their hands. I thanked the folks for stopping and Fuggles and I got on the sidewalk to collect ourselves.

She did get a small cut on her face. Nothing that bleed, but enough to shear a bit of fur off. We both were a bit shook up as we rolled through the haymarket towards home. She was glued to my left side. We both learned from the incident. I will not put her in situations like that without holding her leash again. She might be really good off leash, but she needs me to protect her from dangerous situations. She learned a bit about cars and how they are not friendly.

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