So there I am
sphincter tightening medicine pill in hand
cheetos in the other
Fuggles comes up and grabs a cheeto….. she spits it out…
I keep calling Zobert and she refuses
I look into the middle room and she is gorging on a pile of vomit
I freak and eat the cheetos in my hand…

Actually I chew up a meat flavored urinary incontinence pill..
It is the consistency of the old tymey razzles candy that turned into really crappy gum after 5 minutes…
The meaty anti-pissy goodness is stuck in my teeth and I freak out and start aiming for the toilet…
Panicking I go to drink some water, but I still have cheetos in my hand
… munch cheetos to scrape the crap off my teeth
forget that cheetos are like cement
gargle and spit as much as I can many times
still taste meat chalk…
Ended up using 3 starbursts to get it all done and a good brushing

I hope I can pee tomorrow

She has been on the pee meds for a couple months, skipped days thinking she was healed, and dribbles. Pills for life it seems.

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