Ever wondered why there are so many theme packs/editions of Ubuntu Linux? This might just be the cause of it…

The First kinda strange Ubuntu fork that I ran into was the “christian edidion” wich is basically Ubuntu with a different look, and AAh; the terminal can be prompted to read quotes from the bible. Then there was the
Satanic edition, wich is probably inspired by the christian one.
The Satanic edition is not a fork as much as just a few themes and the cool bootsplash image.

This is where reconstructor comes in:

Reconstructor is a Live CD creator for Ubuntu Linux.

It uses the Ubuntu Linux Live CD as a base, and then allows customization of boot screens (usplash), gnome settings, and software (you can also use the chroot environment to make other changes before creating the live cd).

Reconstructor uses the solid Ubuntu foundation, and allows for extensive customization. For example, create a custom Live CD with blender, inkscape, etc. included for a friend in graphics, or simply use reconstructor to re-brand your environment (wallpaper, fonts).

Reconstructor is written in python and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL)

I can’t tell for sure if the Satanic Edition is made by Reconstructor, and I dont think that the Christian edition is, but I do know that the Ubuntu X-mas edition is made with reconstructor (might be something for next year if you’ve missed it?), and I sure bet there will be lots of more ubuntu editions from now on…

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