drink real beer, green beer is for nonwinners


6 years of working at Sandy’s taught me so much. One of the most important lessons was to never ever drink green beer on St Pattys day (drink it the day after). So how do they make green beer? Well the distributor will show up with a little contraption that will suck some of the beer out into a container, mix it with green food coloring and push it back into the keg. Tada, green beer. I did see Doc’s place had a banner selling green pints for $1.50, all other places you are going to be paying full price for a beer with food coloring in it. If you drink green beer at full price you are a tool. Sorry to be so blunt.

Best part was seeing folks come up and order more green beers with green teeth showing how much plaque they missed when brushing and the green stains on their shirts. Really fricking classy there. Now if you are drinking green beer tomorrow you are smart, because it will be discounted.

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