Datura wrightii BLOOMS!!!

Last night my Datura wrightii finally bloomed. I think most of you already watched the disappointing time-lapse video that I posted last night of this plant’s flower bud growing larger (and NOT blooming). Well, below you’ll find a two minute video of time-lapse photography which spans the course of a few hours.

The picture interval started @ 5 mins for the first half hour. But as you’ll see, there was a 5 min interval when the flower was closed, and then on the next 5 min interval the flower was pretty much open 3/4 of the way. So, the next time I do time-lapse photography of this particular plant, I’ll know when the flower’s “uni-petal” (if you will) is partially open, I need to turn on the camera to record video for 5 mins straight, instead of interval photography. If this doesn’t make since to you, just watch the effin’ video… LOL!


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