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Some nights I toss and turn and am too warm when I sleep. Sweaty pillows are no fun at all. I saw some clip talking about ways to deal with hot flashes from menopause and the Chillow was mentioned. They are a bit expensive so I put it off. Tuesday morning I had enough and ordered one with overnight shipping.

A Chillow is a vinyl bag with a piece of antibacterial water absorbing memory foam inside. You pour 8 – 10 cups of water inside of it, then squeeze out all the air till is forms an almost vacuum. The theory is that it will use the water to dissipate heat from your head. You do not refrigerate or freeze it, it works at room temperature.

It is pretty big, thick, and heavy when filled. I filled it up in the afternoon and at night I slipped it under my pillow case and started my adventure. It was amazingly cool on my face. Almost scary cool. When I rolled over I could feel my skin was cool to the touch. It was kind of like having a little waterbed for a pillow. Not uncomfortable, but not soft like a regular pillow. By the middle of the night it had moved around in the case and did not seem very cool. I flipped my pillow over to sleep on the normal side. It felt cool on my arm underneath and I am betting my head had just gotten used to the temp.

I went with the chillow plus, which is smooth on both sides and can be used for other things. The regular chillow has a rough cloth side to keep it firmly in place on the pillow. I will use some gaffers tape on one side tonight to see if it stays put better. I can see where this would be very good if you had a headache.

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