Catnip, anyone?

Can ya help a brotha out?

I’m looking for some catnip. I’d prefer to have a whole plant. If you have wild catnip growing in your yard, or know of a place where there is definitely catnip growing, please let me know. I’m trying not to go and buy seed, because it’s getting too late in the growing season to establish a plant from seed.

While riding the Jamaica bike trail yesterday I kept my eyes peeled for the plant, but never saw any. Not even in Wilderness Park. Which is really odd, because that stuff grows like a weed (I mean, it basically is … a weedy herb).

I didn’t find catnip yesterday, but I did find some wild hops. Oh yeah!!! I’m going back later today to dig up the rhizome. I thought I could propogate the plant from just stealing the vine … that was before I learned it was a rhizome. The vine can’t be propogated unless it’s still attached to the mother crown. (You bury a vine under soil and keep it moist — has to be attached to the main plant — it’ll eventually turn into a rhizome itself. Then it can be cut into 4″ segments; make sure each segment has a root, and there ya go!)

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