Where’s Perry 3 SOLVED


This one is going to be tough I am thinking.

OK – Where is today’s ‘Where’s Perry?’ We at the ‘Protective Organization for Overseeing Platypus Independence Everywhere’ will not be put off. Don’t mess with us at P.O.O.P.I.E. – We demand our daily picture of Perry!

Where’s Perry 1 SOLVED


Introducing a new silly think for BorK. I will take pictures of my stuffed Platypus in locations around town and you guess where he is. Total ripoff of lincolnite BTW. Perry has racked up 28 miles so far. I got a few comments about him too. One thing I found out on my rides is that dudes with stuffed platypuses on their backs = chick magnets (and that one guy who said “there’s Perry”)