Husker fans suck

I wrote this a few years ago, but it will still be revelant for eons…………

Remember while you are out being a rude husker fan, that you do not have a license to act like a complete idiot. Just because a bunch of mary’s in tights are performing some hot man on man action for you, does not excuse you from being civil to those who make their money off you. It is so funny that people who watch something so homoerotic, hate gays.

they are getting smarter

Oh to be really old and be able to write letters to the editor every day about squirrels (one of my goals in life) . I dream of the day.

Seriously though. The squirrels will rule with an iron nutcracker soon. The dumb ones get run over, so the IQ continues to rise. Soon we will be collecting nuts for them. This one has figured out that you must be white to rule. Now all he needs is a rich daddy.