VACATION!! No posts thursday, cuz me gonna be gone

So I am headed out AUG 17th to hit up Worlds of fun, and see an awesome concert. Split lip rayfield is going to be playing in KC. Not really sure if any of ya know SLR, but Kirk found out he had throat cancer a bit ago. He went through the treatment, but it seems to have spread. It is very sad news, it is inoperable. Looks like there will be one more tour, and they will be a 4some, not a 3some this time. I got tix for the aug 17th show.

I will cherish every coaster hill and every gas tank note. My well wishes are with ya Kirk, lets beat this.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

The Flecktones are: Future Man, Jeff Coffin, Bela Fleck, and Victor Wooten.. Mostly instrumental, but basicaly unclassifiable.

Béla Fleck has been nominated in more categories than any other musician for Grammy awards, namely country, pop, jazz, bluegrass, classical, folk, and spoken word, as well as composition and arranging. he Has 7 of his own, and two for the flecktones themselves.

they are quite a unique group. bela is considered one of the best banjo pickers around, Victor is considered the best bass player around as well. Jeff plays winds of any flavor, and Future Man is a complete story by himself. he playes a few one of a kind instruments. His main being the synth-axe drunitar. Check his wikipedia page above.

I have lost count how many times I have seen them live, but I am so glad I saw every one. Even going to see them open for DMB. They took a year off in 2005, but I have been lucky enough to see them twice this year, once in KC and Iowa.

Check their site here
some live tunes here

Jake Shimabukuro “Orange World”

This song was played when he came to Lincoln with the flecktones. He took what he learned from playing with Bela and put a blugrass feel to it. The guy is unbelievable.

It was really neat to meet Jake after a show in Lawrence. It was his first time on the “mainland” he was astuonded by how flat and far away thing were.
I talked with him after his show in Lincoln and he kept commenting on all the cows and no mountians. Was funny. He has been rocking out the midwest a bunch lately. I saw him play solo with some amazing musicians at the Leid center here. He is one of many musicians who makes me cry when I see them. It is not sad, it is pure joy of being able to see something so amazing that mekes me that happy.

Jake is awesome……………………