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lolz On Monday around 5:20 p.m., officers were called to Euphoria, 4139 O St., on a shoplifting complaint. An employee told police he saw Stark hide jewelry in her coat pocket, Flood said. Police searched Stark, allegedly finding $149 in jewelry, Flood said. Police also say they found drug paraphernalia in her purse and marijuana […]

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truck under ice at Holmes

LJS article Lincoln police and fire officials were preparing to get a submerged vehicle out of Holmes Lake on Wednesday afternoon. Ice fishermen reported seeing the vehicle beneath the ice around noon Wednesday. Authorities said they’ve had no recent reports of a missing person or vehicle in the area. The vehicle is visible beneath the […]

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Man I sleep till 11 and miss all the good stuff Police dog tracks suspected candy thief A woman suspected of stealing candy bars from a convenience store led a police dog to an apartment near the store. Around 2:30 a.m., a woman came into the Kwik Shop at 33rd and Holdrege streets and asked […]

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drive-by update

I finally figured out which house it was. I cant see no bullet holes though. Had family snicker at me. Joy. update on LJS Just after 3 a.m., police say, a 21-year-old woman heard a loud bang, then three more bangs in a row. She fell to the ground and told a friend to get […]

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I had heard about this Friday night and wanted to let Cindy know we are just a bunch of cottenninnyninnymuggins who are filled with snark, but she blogged about it. Uh oh. Google Your Life Away My coworker wrote a funny story today about the time people spend surfing the web looking up stuff and […]

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The LJS did an article On Adam Whites ( art line. Adam White has his own trading card. Drawn in the style of the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards that were all the rage in the mid-1980s, it shows White, wearing a T-shirt of his own design, atop a blue, one-eyed tiger. The words “Craze-One […]

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Looks like they had a slight issue. Thank you for your understanding as we work to return service to KUCV. The tower crew is on site and will be re-assembling and re-mounting the transmission line and antenna that had to be taken down and cleaned. It’s an all-day job, so we won’t know until later […]

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LJS article If Iles and Guilliatt are like most drug court graduates, the likelihood for lasting change is promising. According to 2007 numbers, only 17 percent of graduates were convicted of felonies in the three years after graduation. That compares to a national recidivism rate of 47 percent. Guilliatt’s advice to others in the program: […]

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