Denied compassion

Here I lay, not uncomfortable yet, not comfortable. I dont really know what is going on. The hunger does not seem as bad today, must be the sugar water in that bag dripping. drip, drip, drip, why is that nurse messing with my bag? She says “how are you doing today?” I brew with anger thinking this probable lezbo liberal is having something to do with my health deteriorating. It is all part of their ag e n d a……. zzzzzz.

Stride gum: most amazing, longest lasting, most extreme gum ever made?

stride gum

Apparently paris hilton freshens her whoretastic mouth with it. The thing about it is that it is supposed to last forever. Well it actually does. And being sugar free, it is chok full of bitching chemicals. I have always wanted a third testicle, third nipple, third eye, extra wang, you get the picture. I figure chewing this gum might just let me live that dream.

It is not so much an amazing flavor that lasts forever, (although it does seem to last a bit) but more of a pepermint/spearmint chemical burn that says “hey look at me, feel me burning your tongue, move me around in your mouth so you can spread the burning love.


T done did make some doggie treats

this is not my dog, but the pic is soooooooo cute 😉

Yup designer treats, boxes filled with special meat coatings, we don’t need you any more. Theresa looked online and they are easy to make. She used the grill (low heat, like an oven) to cook up 3 batches. No turning on the oven during this heat. Used some of the chicken stock I made fron the last roast chicken, even coated them with a chicken cube flavored glaze.

Figure she has it down pretty good now. We can mix in leftovers and keep that treat jar full.
Do you wanna cookie? sit…. stay…. good girl.

Lipton cold brew tea

oh man this is good. I messed with the sun tea for a bit at work. got messy, took forever. These cold brew tea bags rule. I use two bags for 16 oz of water and it takes about 5 minutes. Much better than a dew any day 😉

Cheerwine mmmmm…..


mmmmmmmm………. guess this has been around for quite some time, but it is new to Lincoln. Comes from the south.

It is basically a sweet cherry flavored soda/pop. According to wikipedia it is more carbonated than regular soda/pop.

I saw adverts for it at the rib ranch, did not try it though. Saw it down at the local gas station and picked one up. It is pretty yummy. Almost tastes a little like Dr. Pepper but with more of a cherry taste. I picked up a 12 pack at Russ’s of the diet kind, that sealed the deal for me.