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non scalding bean water

Not a big fan of really hot coffee bean water. I hardly drink coffee, but know of its power and kinda enjoy the taste. Thing is when it comes out of T’s new coffee machine it is way too hot for me.

So I made up some coffee cubes / frozen coffee pucks (picture shows them out of the freezer). Now I can drop one of these in and bring the bean water to a decent temp level. Caffeine is still a worthy cause. But, I like my bean water room temp or below.



Harley Davidson beef jerky

I guess it makes sense for HD to make jerky. But it is nothing special. It is very similar to any other beef jerky like Jack Links. Heck even the packaging is the same. I think conagra makes both.

What makes it better is the price. I bet it is introductory, but it was $3.99 for 3.25 OZ, where most is $6 for 4 OZ.



pizza pizza


Ugh such a long week already. With the huge issue monday and me surviving on vending machine food, tues we ended up at McDonalds cuz it was running late, last night I had stuff to do and picked up a pep pizza from Little Ceasars just to get some grub.

It is pretty crazy, a large one topping for $5.31 after tax. Grabbed it from the 27th and K street location. My friend said it was not too bad, so I have been wanting to try it for a while. They have pizza ready to go, it took me less than a minute to buy it and headed home.

Sometimes you just want a simple pizza, that is what it was. Pretty thin crust, lightly sauced, about 3 pepperonis on each slice, and a good amount of cheese. Hit the spot. I ate 1/2 of it and was not stuffed. Will finish it off at lunch. I would get it again, but not crave it.

Really looking forward to a home cooked meal tonight. We gonna make faux hot roast beef sammiches.



mmmmm special sauce

Ate my first big mac last night. We were out searching for birfday gifts for someone and I had gone out for a few beers after work. it was getting late and just figured McDonalds would be quick and easy. I was feeling adventurous and got a big mac hold the onions.

Meh…. It had one pickle which I picked off. It was pretty pathetic looking. Tasted not too bad. Not all that impressed.

Andrew seems to have found another location to get some AD. (kwik shop) which is really nice to see the Lincoln distributors stocking this fine congealed bovine excrement.

I had been stockpiling a few at a time, cuz walmart is just so annoying to deal with parking, congestion, and distance from home.



X-13D doritos are not nummy

X-13D doritos are strange. Apparently you are supposed to name them. I was curious and had no chips at home and I was gonna make a grilled cheese, picked some up. T got a pretty good giggle from the face I made, then laughed harder when I ate another. It is strange. I would say it was lightly cheesy and has some dill in it. Till I googled I guessed it to be horses ass.

Actually, my boyfriend and I recenty got a bag and we both decided that it was hot dog! I think this is because we thought they tasted overwhelmingly of ketchup and mustard, with a little meat flavor mixed in. Hot dogs are an all-american classic, and they are made on a bbq grill, so that was our guess.

After reading that I completely agree. I am sure you are gonna run out and try some cuz hotdog doritos sound so nummy right? And horse ass is what hot dogs are made from anyways right?



cat soup fountian



how much sugar is in livewire mt dew

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