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kinda muggy at work random crap



sex and sammies

so I love these two commercials where chicks are talking about sandwiches filled with juicy invigorating meat and they just cannot get enough.



Haha I got it bitches

My lovely roommate Sarah went to Wal-Mart and, because they love America so much, they have Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. I am taking my first bite…. now.

It tastes awesome, like freedom. Mmmmm.



stop teasing me Ben and Jerry

Has anyone found some Americone Dream here in Lincoln? We try every place we go and no luck. Even tried that crappy save mart on 10th and Cornhusker. Will pay to have it shipped ;)






dude I soooooooooo have to try it

Popcorn cooked in bacon grease and then toped with bacon. via yesbutnobutyes

link to story

you all know I love bacon, well popcorn is right up there. now I will try it, but prob only eat a little of it.



them chocolate easter eggs


Oh man as a kid I so loved them Cadbury creme eggs. They were so strange since they came from a bunny chicken and filled with the runny stuff. Seems that them nummy eggs have gotten a little worse over time though. The filling is not all that runny and they just do not seem to taste as good as they did when I was a kid.

There are tons of eggs to pick from now. The caramel ones are pretty good. The reeses ones are well just a differently shaped cup. But, Wonka has a pretty good one. I really like the gram cracker bits in wonka bars and the eggs have them as well. These eggs also have caramel in them too which makes them awesome.



we love the subs


Tried my first Quiznos sammy over the weekend. There is a location at 13th and Q. I got the regular size garlic bread prime rib one. I could not finish it. The thing was huge and really good. For a chain I was quite impressed. Screw Jared, your sammies suck.

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