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ate my first beef twinkie (runza)

beef twinkie

Well to be truthful I have tried a bunza at my school lunch when I was a lad, but never an actual Runza runza. I went with the mushroom swiss version. It was meh… I really only made it through 1/2 of it cuz was not too hungry and not exactly my kind of grub. It just had a twang to it. BTW: it looked nothing like the picture.

So been a pretty good year for me. Ate my first big mac (two actually, they not too bad), and now a runza. Figure I will try and branch out a bit and get more adventurous. Working at Crane River was pretty much the first time I tried different stuff, it made me much more willing to try different things. Heck I will eat a McRib if they come out again, me swears.




Following family tradition in the reverse, my Dad is now a donut maker which I once was. Papa had lost his job when Quebecore closed. They broke NAFTA stuff and he will be reimbursed by them to equal his wage no matter where he got a job. He chose wal-mart. he was in the deli, which pretty much sucked and asked to be transfered to the donut area, he got it. They bake their donuts which come in frozen, should be cake (tee he he).

A blog about donuts.



I think my dogs have been making shiv’s

Nylabones fricking rule, they last forever. There are a few problems with them though.
– when the dogs chew on them it is usually loud
– the hard plastic gets really sharp and hurts when you step or get nudged by them
– it allows my dogs to make shivs

Seriously look at those. In prison those would sell for like 3 packs of smokes.
We think we provide a good home for the pups. Why are they gonna shank us in our sleep?
T got the two on the right yesterday and they are huge. The right most one looks like one of them rubber fists they sell at the porn store.

lots more info over here

Reminds me of Steve don’t eat it, which would be one of my most favoritest internets computer weblog posts evar!!!!!

I have often thought of doing something similar and letting you see me barf on film (I have a hair trigger puke reflex), but have yet to get the ballz to do it. As appealing as clamato is, (not) I could never really try it, and bud light is not my fave, so this is an abomination.

I saw some crab juice at super saver in a glass jar, dear gosh that is so wrong. Where does the fricking juice come from?



he is a fungi boooo hisssss…….



This hand out from Colegio de la Frontera Sur(CFS) shows a man holding a 20kg (41lbs) white mushroom at a coffee farm of Chiapas state, Mexico, near the border with Guatemala, where it was discovered.

So I am sure we all have had our share of Kraft mac and cheese. Theresa will often make up some for lunch and I help finish it off. She likes the spirals, me the orig. She says the spirals does not make as much so it is easier for lunch and not as much waste. It think they taste funny, or at least different. I know it is the same powdered cheese product, but they just do not taste right. And then you get to the other shapes they have. Yeuck……..

Of course our home made mac and cheese rules so much more.




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