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CFS recipe from foxspit

Doubt I would ever resort to a store bought CFS, and neither would foxspit.

1 lb. boneless beef steak (round or sirloin) **I used good quality minute steak from a rancher relative of mine**
1 cup flour
1 tsp. dry mustard
Salt and pepper to taste **I don’t cook with much salt but for this recipe I was liberal with it**
Pinch cayenne **I used more than a pinch**
Vegetable oil

2 tbs olive or canola oil
2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms
1 tbs flour
3/4 beef or veg. broth
1/3 cup dry red wine
1 tsp Worcestershire
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
Salt to taste




stop talking to me fat parfait


“Eat me schteeeeev, eeeeeeat me, comon you know you really really wanna…….”

Just look at that sucka, all glisteny and bacony. The baconator might just get Wendy’s out of its current slump. I gonna give some props to Wendy’s for a few things. First they seem to use some good meat, and how it is cooked on a griddle so it gets that slight crust, mmmmmmmm……. And the things are square, which is cool. Then their fries are pretty fricking good as well, sometimes soggy, but always salty. Being able to substitute healthier sides is pretty awesome as well, even though I would never take them up on the offer. Last their bacon fricking rules. it seems to be made out of actual bacon, unlike the crap BK or McD’s uses. Jr Bacon cheseburgers are pretty nummy.

six fricking strips of delicious bacon.
They lose me with the mayo though. Still dam that thing looks good.
Having bacon currently taking control of my internal voices is better than that dam unicorn.

EDIT: pics of one in the wild with story.



very strange fruit toon



Jones candy blows

Was really cited for it, but meh splains it pretty well.

I was figuring it would be a hard candy like really big pop rocks or possibly zotz fizzy candy. Well although it was a cream soda flavored candy like substance, which is just vanilla, it failed to impress. They are like smarties, chalky pressed sugar candy with some zotz fizzy powder mixed in. Good thing I got 8 tins full 😉 The tin is kind of janky, but still kinda cool. For almost $3 a piece they better darn be.

I am figuring I will ship them out in the care packages I have ideas for, cuz I might not finish them all.



Boylan’s soda


The creamy red birch beer is the bomb. They mix vanilla into the birch beer and the red is awesome. It is cane sugar, so you know it is good. Theresa likes the grape, but all the flavors are good I bet. Super Saver sells 4 or so kinds, but to get the creamy red you have to go to Ideal. (how many times am I gonna link to ideal this week?)

I picked up some sioux city birch beer and was hardly impressed. Not sure if it is the cane sugar or if Boylan’s is just a severely superior product. Defiantly worth the $1 to pick up a Boylans.



Lay’s Natural Potato Chips with Sea Salt

With sammiches you have to have chips. These rule. Sure it is only a potato chip, but this is a really good potato chip. Remember those pringles commercials about the grease from chips? Well it is true. That would be one thing I like about these, they are not very oily. Plus thick cut from huge potatoes, then you add the salt. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm……..
I kind of do not buy the whole “natural” thing, but they defiantly are a premium line of their snack products.



trying some new sodapop

So after getting hooked on jones cane sugar cream soda I have been having a hankering for different soda’s. Over at SCS they were talking soda and I have started a quest. I heard that at some hispanic markets they have coke with the cane sugar. La Mexicana was mentioned. I stopped by a market on west O and picked up a coke in a bottle which said “sugar” so I hoped it was cane sugar, but then I saw the sticker which listed HFCS :( The bottle cap did say “gracias for participar” on the underside.

I picked up an TopoSabores orange soda, and a senorial non alcoholic sangria. They both suck big time.

Ideal has a nice selection of different sodapops, do you know of any other places in this fine city that have a unique selection?

BTW: I drink diet dew at work. Warm.



animals you would like to eat but they do not sell

Asked this over at SCS and it got some good comments.

Panda and penguin. I am sure a penguin would be greasy. Panda just so I could say “that was finger ling ling good”.

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