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bald chicken

yeah. Apparently they do well in heat.

Scientists have bred a controversial featherless chicken which they say is faster growing.

The birds, created at the Hebrew University in Israel, will not need to be plucked, saving money in processing plants.

While the researcher behind the breed concedes that they would not be suitable for cooler countries, he says that in hot climates, the birds would fare better.



tested out Old Chicago pizza last night

In my never ending quest to find a pizza that is good enough to ween T off of her favorite Val’s. I did get a free small or personal pizza card from them a few years back and remembered I liked it. So did some yard work, T had to do some stuff, we agreed to feed ourselves but when she came home neither of had eaten so I suggested Old Chicago.

medium Chicago style 1/2 pepperoni 1/2 mushroom and black olive. When I got home and opened the sucker up it looked awesome. The pepperoni was uber thick and the other side was loaded up as well. I grabbed my olive and mush piece and was not too impressed. Tried a pep one and well with that much pep you really can’t go wrong. But I was not impressed enough to order from there again, neither was T.

Just bumms me out that I have yet to find something I really like and something that will impress T. Nero’s, Piezanos, Ramo’s, Fox’s, and now Old Chicago have failed to do it for us. yai Yai’s is good, but not really a thin crust guy. I guess I will keep trying. Any suggestions?



I eated my keyboard



Hagen Daz hates America

So I headed to ghetto russ’s (1th and washington) and I knew that the B&R folk are not carrying Americone Dream, but I still looked for it. T noticed the anti American blasphemy called caramel cone ice cream from Hagen Daz.

this creamy blend of caramel ice cream with rich caramel swirls balances the sweet crunch of chocolate-covered cone pieces for a harmony of caramel, chocolate and crunch in every bite

Yeah I bought some, but only to taste the hatered of freedom for myself. It not only does not support our troops, it is crap compared to the amazing taste of liberty that Americone dream provides.

Hagen Daz why do you hate freedom?



suicide food

suicide food
a site that is sad that some animals act as if they want to be eaten.

then why are the animals made of meat? huh huh huh……?



why lie I need beer is getting going pretty well. Set it up for a tech geek, music nerd, brew dork friend of mine ;) Naw Chris is a good guy who is really getting into homebrewing and makes some interesting foods. Check his site out.



fast food advert vs real



me likey candy. Jones carbonated candy

I have not tried these yet, but I bet they rule. Like big pop rocks. Jones is good.

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