A home cooked meal does one good

hot beef

Living off fast food, gas station grub, vending, and the occasional pizza made me hurt for a good meal.
I have worked multiple jobs, been a college student for 10 years, and am so sick of fast food. This week with an amazing amount of hours at work and messed up eating / sleeping conditions really wore on me.

I stood in front of the vending machine on the 3rd floor hoping it would provide something different, hardly. “Well an almond joy might actually be nutritious.”

Got home tonight and it was the best I felt all week. We are past the critical stage. Now restore and reconfigure is the game plan. During the week the few times I got to sit on my couch were not very comforting (worry filled me). Tonight was awesome. We headed to the store and made a meat and potato with gravy meal. I relaxed and wolfed down “real food”. Theresa started laughing when I took a break and told me to breathe.

While the beef was getting firmer in the freezer I whipped up a batch of vanilla bean ice cream (you can see it on my flicker, will be a post). Gonna churn it up during lunch if we get one tomorrow.

I have to wear pants Mon morning 🙁 Been rocking jeans and sandals since tuesday. If I am working 16 hours I better be comfortable. Wearing pants with my shirt tucked in is the most demoralizing thing I have ever dealt with. Pants steal your soul.

I am glad that things are going better, I love that I can once again enjoy a meal that I made from scratch from raw ingredients, I am glad to have a strong community of friends and peeps that support me. Oh man I so hope 5 O clock actually means something to me again some time here soon. I got a roast to cook and enjoy for a few meals.

hot and spicy like Jlo, cheez-it

I am a fan of warmer things. Those neon red flaming chee-too’s and the flaming fries, other spicy chips, but they mostly have little flavor and are just to burn ya. Hot and spicy cheez-it’s are packed with flavor and not too much burn. I would of never tried them, but after 90 + hours of work and eating anything people bring in I am very glad I did.

It is the green tobasco sauce which I bet is jalapeño. The flavor mixed with the cheese and salt is awesome. you can suck them down and not worry about needing a drink to cool down.

got an ice cream maker. Made some sorbet

We have wanted one of these for a while. Jake mentioned he got an ice cream maker and had made some good stuff. We opted for the kitchenaid one. It cost a bit more than other makers, but figured it was worth it. Picked it up yesterday but had to freeze the bowl for 15 hours. But it is best to chill your mix for 6 hours or so anyway.

Simpsons gonna get a B&J ice cream, Americone dream still rules

ralph wiggum paste simpsons

From here

mmmmm….. beer ice cream Duff & D’oh-Nuts

You can imagine Homer Simpson falling asleep at night and dreaming of ice cream with two of his favorite flavors — beer and doughnuts.

Vermont’s famous ice-cream maker, Ben & Jerry’s, will bring that new concoction to Vermont’s newly famous town, Springfield, for the premiere of “The Simpsons” movie this weekend. The town won a recent contest among communities sharing a name with the fictitious home base of “The Simpsons,” and will host a daylong celebration and several premiere showings of the new film on Saturday.

Ben & Jerry’s Homer homage is called “Duff & D’oh-Nuts,” and according to a news release from the ice-cream maker is an “extremely limited, one-time and one-day-only flavor” that’s “a combination of chocolate and cream stout ice creams with glazed chocolate donuts.” Duff is the brand of beer featured in “The Simpsons” television series, and doughnuts are Homer’s culinary raison d’etre.

In another nod to Homer, Ben & Jerry’s will for one day rename its Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor “Chocolate Chip Cookie D’oh!” in reference to Homer’s famous exclamation.

dont give me no jive, I loves the five alive

five alive

Went shopping at super saver today and had a hankering for some concentrated juice type product. The sugar free kool-aid was getting a little old. I wondered if they had five alive and they did. It must have been about 20 years ago that I have had it, and it is good.

Once widely available in the U.S., it is now very difficult to find. Five Alive is, however, still widely distributed in Canada and in the UK, as a bottled or canned drink, also in 250ml cartons suitable for vending machines or as a frozen concentrate.

Old Cheney Sunday farmers market

Have heard about this one and decided to check it out. It is in the parking lot of the strip mall that has capitol patio and Mulligans (56th and hwy 2). Couple nice things about this one. There are trees which provide shade, pretty good selection, you can park pretty close, and good stuff.

The first table I stopped at was Hollenbeck Farms. They had some burgers in a nice serving dish cut up into little chunks and covered with the cheese the lady accross from them was selling. It was really good. I picked up a rump roast from the nice couple. Did not realize till I looked at the website that it was the folks who actually raise the cattle. I am betting that is gonna be one good roast.
Got 6 big ol ears of corn from another stand. Lots of corn sellers out there.