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Colbert & Stewart VS Conan

Was pretty funny. watch the third one if you are only gonna watch one. Click here for more info 12.3.

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Stewart and Colbert return tonight

Pretty excited to have them back. i wonder how good it will be. They heavily rely on writers, so it should be interesting. Even the LJS did an article on it.

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Man I lost the username beerorkid on youtube over daily show clips I captured. But now you can watch episodes all the way back to 1999 on I frequent a forum where politics are discussed and one guy loves to say the daily show is the main source for liberal news. I doubt anyone […]

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I am so moving to South Carolina for the good of the country and world. He announced he was considering on the daily show: Then announced on his show: Oh and Vigo gave him a sign.

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Carell drunk with Colbert

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I work in the Unicameral, so I found this pretty funny the amazing wordsmithing of our leader, the deliberator.

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stupid inventions

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