had a great ride last night

I had a spooky ride a few days ago

Sorry for the length of this post, but I am drunk typing 😉

Was really bummed about the mishaps I had had on the tues MWC ride. To add to the ride bummers, I severely bonked. Could not keep up worth a shit. Critters was awesome though.

I really wanted to head back out before the rain hits tomorrow. For the dirt was calling, I had replaced my borked hutch python 2.3 with a hutch 2.0 airlite on the rear. had to do another night ride, and I wasn’t about to get spooked.

Was one of the best rides I had done in quite some time. You know when it seems that you have the energy to push even harder then you can, and it never seems to deplete? Well this was one of those times for me. I carved that twisty singletrack. I have been through there a bunch lately and noticed some overgrowth, it pissed me off. I decided to go CVO on that shit. You know when you are heading out and right after you pass where the deer was, that branch smacks you in the face right after you avoid the metal thing on the path? Well it is gone for now.

Got to the “bog” and decided to eliminate the “fork of death”. Hey I removed it, I get to name what it used to be 😉

fork of death wilderness park lincoln ne

Awesome tues night monkey ride. Critters bar.

critters bar lincoln ne

Had a really warm tues night monkey ride. Nate made the call to keep on keepin on to the end. No silly stopping at the usual places. I agree it was a good call. When we stop all the time, the ride drags on.

Unfortunately I got a slow leak right away. Stopped to pump it up, then had to stop to change out the tube. made it past 14th street and almost made it to the EP bridge and had a major blowout. Grabbed a beer and walked to the bridge. Fixed er up just in time to head back. We took the hiker side back and decided at “the bridge”, we should go have a drink.

We headed to Critters bar on 9th and Arrapahoe. Kind of a cool place. They were very accomadating to us, and were glad to have the bizness.

How to replace a flat tube on your bike. Simple 47 steps ;)

Procedure for Replacing a Tire

1. Move bicycle from storage area to work area.
2. Retrieve toolkit from separate storage area.
3. Retrieve floor pump from third storage area.
4. Give creative explanation to spouse why this must happen in the den, next to the good couch, and not in the garage, where greasy things belong.
5. Consider moving all bike-related stuff to a single location.
6. Realize the work-to-laziness ratio of step four and decide to take care of that “later.”
7. Remember the chain mark left on the carpet last time you removed the rear wheel and rested the bike on the dropouts.

Bike lane article in LJS

article in LJS

Jaimi Schmidt loves to ride her bicycle downtown for coffee or to meet friends. But blocks before the 22-year-old gets there, she gets off and walks. “It’s scary being a biker downtown,” she said.

Drivers look right through her, she said while walking her bike along 13th Street Wednesday afternoon. “You about have to expect them to be bad drivers.”

If things go as planned, downtown bike lanes could allow riders like Schmidt to pedal with more confidence by the end of August.

“I definitely would love that,” Schmidt said.

Taking the pressure of cyclists is the idea behind bike lanes proposed on 11th Street south from Q to K and 14th Street north from L to R, said David Cary, a transportation planner for the City of Lincoln.

The more cyclists feel comfortable, he said, the more they’ll come downtown. It could mean more shoppers for downtown merchants, safer streets for bike riders and safer sidewalks for pedestrians.

spooky late night ride

so i headed out to the park after dinner last night. Did not prdal once all weekend cuz of the heat, just got a tune up of sorts on the good bike, needed some dirt.

Well the park is filled with a bunch of wild life. I mad it to the bridge, chilled for a bit. And I started hearing some clicking noises. Freaked me for a bit, but figured it was frogs. Enjoyed my beverage in the pitch black, let my eyes adjust to the darkness and enjoyed the lightning bugs. Talked my self into keeping on. Saw so many eyes staring back at me, then scurring away. just possums, oh and a deer. The bats, ugh…. Had 4 swoop in front of my light, two of them ran into me. They are much softer than you would think 😉 Hit a spider web and had had enough. Turned my ass around and booked back.

I kept on seeing sparkly things on the trail. Kind of a blue green glitter. I saw a really big one and stopped to check it out. It was a huge furry spider. They were all over. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Oh and a flat tire which I knew would happen eventually. I have a 1 inch gash in my rear tire that I got recently from Tread Hunter. I had patched it with a huge automotive patch before. Well, it gave way. Did not have any dollars on me (strong cloth makes a good tire patch), so I used my laminated insurance card to get the rest of the way home. Still fun though.

fixing my tire on a gravel road in the dark