shredded the bearings on my XT crankset :)

Well maybe shredded is not the best word, but the drive side bearing is failing. Although I went pretty high end on the build, the XT hollowtech crankset was something I bought after my old XTR’s would not work on the new build. EP let me buy his off of him so I could ride her the day we figured it all out, thanks. They are still really good and for more $ the XTR’s just do not offer enough better to justify the price.

So after 737 miles the bearing began breaking down on the drive side. EP said he had replaced his after a month. General upgrade to Phil Wood bearings is a logical and really cool upgrade.

I am actually pretty proud of myself. Nate down at monkey wrench cycles lubed up the current bearings to get me through the week until the new ones show up. It is gonna be a hot and sticky TNMWR tonight. Looks like we are going to hit the park.

update as if I dont blather about myself enough


lets see, I met my nemissis a week ago. I frequent a political forum and about 4 of us just ramble on about crap. SpktheD and I get into huge petty bickering battles and Just like I think the US should sit down and talk to our enemies, I have invited him for a drink multiple times. Well he finally agreed. It was pretty cool actually. Decent fella, we are both linux nerds, finally got to some deep conversation, but it all went well.

Took 20th place out of 29 in a secret race this weekend, it was awesome, I was not. Seems I have wore out my bottom bracket on the moots. Gonna get some Phil bearings pressed in if the orig XT ones are shot. I now have over 775 miles on her. My commuter is doing pretty good right now as well. The creaks came back and I just tightened all the pivot points down hard. It was actually what it needed and rides quiet and smooth. I will prob roll it this tues for the TNMWR. Been a while since my black beauty has been in the park.
Still commuting by bike to work every day. Not only because of the CCC, but since it is so much easier and fun.

storm trooper bike hlemet?


This thing looks pretty darn cool. Article

It may look like something out of Return Of The Jedi, but this helmet could help cyclists breathe more easily, according to its designer.
The helmet was created to filter out particles which irritate hay fever and asthma sufferers.

It covers the cyclist’s nose and mouth with a shield behind which the filtered air circulates.

Used air is expelled via a plastic tube when the cyclist exhales.

The helmet, called Breathe Air, was created by 22-year-old Brunel University industrial design and technology student Luke Pannell.

Stephen Green, lecturer at Brunel University’s school of engineering and design, said: “Combining a helmet with effective filtering will provide considerably more reassurance to people whilst cycling.”

Mr Pannell is seeking a manufacturer to take on the Breathe Air helmet, which is expected to retail for around £100.

awesome TNMWR

over 30 folks turned out for the festivities.
Saw a few biker on the way out coming our direction. “about 15 behind me” makes them just pull over and wait. Like a sweaty train rolling through.

Found a cool way to get some neat pics. I play my vids I got in totem and do a “import filename.jpg” utilizing imagemagick on the playback and it turns out pretty cool.

Rode south on the newly linked up Jamaica North

When the Jamaica North bike trail officially opened up this year it went from Calvert to .5 miles south of Satillo. I had ridden that stretch a bunch of times. Some fellow bikers mentioned that it now goes all the way to Cortland. Article

Well Sunday morning at 7 AM we headed south on it and all I can say is wow. From my house to Cortland would be right at 22 miles, Beatrice eventually would be 40. We made it just about 2 miles from Princeton. There were a bunch of folk out on the trail. During our 15 mile ride we hit 3 bridges that have not been decked and railed. They were pretty rough.

rolling my first jersey difference is very noticable

Picked up the cheapest one MWC offered to test out the whole jersey’s rule stuff I have heard. Sure it is a light blue, but they really do work. Usually I just wear cotton T shirts and they get soaked with my sweat. The ride last night was much more enjoyable with it. By the time I made it home I was pert near dry. I plan on getting many more.