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kiss the bacon

all this rain is really bringing me down. Needed some comfort food. Cool weather meant we could turn on the oven.

octoberfest mac n cheese bacon bombs

Goose island octoberfest aint 1/2 bad. First time we tried baked mac n cheese, not too shabby. bacon bombs was an idea from bacontarian. I changed it up a bit. Chicken wrapped with bacon and Misty’s seasoning sprinkled throughout.

bacon bombs

They were really good, but I felt pretty guilty eating them.

mmmmmm mac n cheese and bacon bombs

And the cookies to finish me off. i love butterscotch chips so I put them in all my cookies. Sprinkles seal the deal.




French toast and bacon sandwich

oh man that looks good.

from here

(13:42:33) steve: Whatever: Clearly You People Thought I Was Kidding
(13:42:44) Theresa: hi
(13:42:49) steve: hi
(13:42:55) Theresa: lol
(13:43:03) Theresa: you gonna do that to cloe
(13:43:10) steve: sure
(13:43:18) steve: you gave me permission
(13:43:28) Theresa: but that would waste perfetlly good bacon
(13:43:34) steve: true
(13:43:35) Theresa: n what bout maggies
(13:43:49) Theresa: we could do a contest, who gets the bacon first
(13:44:02) Theresa: bonus points if they get it off the other one two
(13:44:03) steve: maggie can eat the bacon off of Cloe and we know she likes tape. it is a win win win
(13:44:10) Theresa: lol



this wallet tastes funny



Bacon, pork, and cheese log with fat free pie

This thing looks as dangerous as it was. It consists of one pork loin, which I cut up a little to put in the cheese filling consisting of feta, swiss, ricotta, fresh spinach, olice oil, and garlic. Wrapped the whole thing in bacon, tied it up with butchers twine, and grilled the crap out of it.

bacon, pork, and cheese log.

and can’t forget the pie. weight watchers jello pie

weight watchers jello pie



Droooooool….. I love bacon

ultimate bacon sammy. The thing looks deadly, oh wait it is.

Bacon cereal

Bacon icecream

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