Burrito Shack has great food

Burrito Shack

Had one of the best chicken burritos I’ve ever had today at the Burrito Shack. This is a new restaurant in the old El Charro restaurant at 221 S. Ninth St.

The burrito was generous and the chicken was moist and well seasoned. The burrito had delicious roasted peppers was not overly spicy.

The restaurant has weekly specials, including pulled pork and steak sandwiches as well as 50-cent tacos.

A variety of unusual salsas are available to try and I sampled the chipotle shrimp soup and it was fantastic!

The owner of the restaurant, Joaquin De Los Santos, bent over backwards to make us feel welcome and to ensure we were happy.

Excellent food and service and the prices aren’t bad either. This is a good combination and I highly recommend you try this restaurant. I know I’ll go back, but as much as I want to try a steak sandwich, there’s a good chance I’ll order the chicken burrito again.

I was a little surprised that the Journal Star only gave them 2.5 stars for food quality in their story in Ground Zero. I thought the food was quite good.

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