Beerplay 1.0

I don’t think beer gets enough action here, being part of the namesake and all, so I thought I would share the progress of my most recent batch. I’m ‘cited’ being that I have been too busy with school to brew since October (yay spring break!).

This starter is the first step in what will become a California Common (aka steam beer). I don’t usually subject my 5000mL erylinmeyer flask to such extremes as my kitchen stove, but I am out of premade starters. That will be part of the objective of this batch. I will make 15 gal. of unfermented beer (or wort as they call it), ferment 10 gal., and pressure cook the other 5 gal. of it in 1 quart jars.

The plan is to cook at my friend Dave’s house this Sunday. Anyone who is interested in checking it out is more than welcome to come. Fly me an email, and I will give you directions.

More pictures to come…

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