I worked here for over 5 years. They are famous for their Elk Creek drink. It is a orange juice concoction that comes in pitchers. The recipie is top secret and it is always fun to hear what people think is in it. Every bar needs a moose or two, Sandy’s tops them by having […]

PO pears

One unique place with great bar food. I guess these were a chain at one time. The place is decorated with tons of old movie props and decorations. There is stuff everywhere. There is this perpetiual motion machine in the back room made of lots of moving parts. They have burger madness a couple times […]

El Charro

located a block south of 9th and O street Mexican food places can be found all over Lincoln. They range from drive thru’s to sit down restaurants. Differences are also found in the styles offered from place to place. I have done a couple of months testing different Mexican eateries, and I always keep coming […]