Tiff a hair master

She turned me from a long hair dirty hippie into a suave professional man in about 20 minutes. My inlaws have been going to her for quite sometime. My wife would go there and I would stay in the car, fearing of how she would want to cut my long luxourious hippie hair to shreds. Once I grew tired of being looked down by society I came to her for a tune up. One quick are you sure and it was over. Now I use styling products and “fit in” even though I am still a dirty hippie deep inside. She has been doing hair for a long time and is up on current trends. She does wonders on my Mother in laws hair and could help you out too.
I now am set up on an every three weeks schedule for trimmings, quite often compared to the yearly wife snippings I was used to.

Tiff is a really cool lady, drives a big 4X4 during the winter and a motercycle during warm months. She is funny and seems like a real person, not one of those prissy hair chicks.
Get your hair done up propper by tiff. Tell her you heard it from me.

Tiff Fredenburg
In Havelock

will get photo’s, Propper name, and an address here soon.

N Street beverages

Getting er done? This is the place. Hey it is a beer stop, but they have almost anything you would want. With an excellent choice of fine beers and wines. It is also a great place to get kegs.

Located at 8th and N

N street lincoln Ne

Nebraska Tire

This is where I have been getting tires for about ten years. Not only do they sell tires at a good price, but they sell “take off tires”. Take off’s are when rich people buy a new car and want fancy rims and tires put on their new ride. The factory tires are not able to be sold as new, so they are called take off’s. Needless to say they are quality and cheap. Sure you might not have a great choice, but I found some great mudding tires for my old truck.

Located just south of 27th and Cornhusker and 49th and Old Cheney.

Nebraska Tire Lincoln Ne

M & N sandwich shop

Am I in chicago? cuz it sure tastes like it. Make sure to order it juicy (don’t ask just do it)

Major Tom wrote:

Someone mentioned something about a great sandwich shop. I want to mention that an incredible place if you like Chicago style deli sandwiches is M&N’s, on 27th & Randolph. This is not your typical high class snob place to eat. The decor is appalling, they have live jazz bands in a shop with maybe four tables, but they have truly awesome sandwiches.
The place has been there for a number of years, and until the smoking ban it was possible to go in there and see Norm working on sandwiches with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. But if you don’t care about appearances, this is the place to go.
1. Sandwiches are truly awesome, my vote for the best pastrami in town, as well as other deli sancwiches. Real good Wisconsin cheese soup too.
2. Prices are ridiculously low, I don’t see how they stay open. I can remember going in and getting supper for three people, and paying like $8 or $9 bucks for three large sandwiches and three bowls of soup.
3. Norm and his family are clearly huge jazz fans, their only decorations are autographed pictures of jazz greats, mostly from people who have played at the Zoo bar, but some from Chicago. I like jazz, but would not consider myself a big fan. But even I’ve heard of most of these people (like most of the guys in the original Blues Brothers — minus Belushi and Akroyd, of course).
4. They deliver, but it’s a $2.00 delivery charge for anyplace but the Zoo bar, where it’s free delivery. Like I said, a huge jazz fan.
5. They have live jazz, I think on Friday and Saturday night, but it might just be Friday. Seating might be a problem, but it’s not like they draw big crowds.

Just go in, look confused, and Norm will ask you if it’s your first time. As soon as you say yes, he starts fixing you up with all kind of samples to taste. You will find something you like, if you like deli sandwiches.

Update: they have moved to a new location. Still 27th and Randolph, but not on the NE side. A little smaller place and they are still working on live shows. Apparently attendance went down after the smoking ban 🙁 But, the sammy’s still rock 😉

M & N Sandwich shop Lincoln Ne

M & N sandwich shop Lincoln Ne

Midwest Seafood

Oh man if you love seafood or even like it every now and then this is your place. No they do not cook it for you, this is a fish market. The best place in town to get fresh seafood. They get seafood from Louisiana daily. You have to show up early because this place is getting busier every day. You can get fresh shrimp, scallops, live clams, wild catfish (not farm raised) and tons of other fish I have never heard of. I get shrimp and crab legs and will be a little more adventurous soon. The place does not smell like fish because it is so fresh.

Go to 27th and about R street in the new strip mall and pick up a fresh catch.

Midwest Seafood Lincoln Ne

Kirk’s Brew, homebrew supply store

Without this guy I would not be a brewmaster. I met him at a beer show here in lincoln where all the distributions show off their beers. He had a booth and I talked with him. Within a week I went to his store and bought the bible “the complete joy of homebrewing”. I read it in two days and headed back for my first batch.
Kirk is a great guy who knows his craft. I continued to grow as a home brewer and he helped me along the way. If you are interested in homebrewing, wine making, or even soda pop you need to check this place out.
He has everything for the first timer to a local brewery. Yes I go there to get supplies for Misty’s brewing. I bought my kegging system from him as well as countless carboys.

Located at 10th and Cornhusker by the Burger King

Kirks Home Brew Lincoln Ne


I worked here for over 5 years. They are famous for their Elk Creek drink. It is a orange juice concoction that comes in pitchers. The recipie is top secret and it is always fun to hear what people think is in it. Every bar needs a moose or two, Sandy’s tops them by having a couple of Elk heads.

Sandy's Lincoln Ne

Sandy's Lincoln Ne

PO pears

One unique place with great bar food. I guess these were a chain at one time. The place is decorated with tons of old movie props and decorations. There is stuff everywhere. There is this perpetiual motion machine in the back room made of lots of moving parts. They have burger madness a couple times a week, as well as other deals all of the time. The only bar downtown with a sand volleyball court. They have tournaments during warm times. Bands play here all the time and they are advertised with collored paper on their wooden fence, it is impossible to miss. You order your food from a huge pair of lips. The place is just a lot of fun, they call out strange stuff over the microphone. I usually give some goofy name just to make it fun.

Located at 9th and N street.

PO Pears Lincoln Ne