Crest whitening expressions toothpaste

OK you might be thinking what the hell am I doing reviewing toothpaste, but this is very exciting to me. I have a hard time brushing my teeth in the mornings. Not that I don’t want too, it is that I get really gaggy with normal toothpastes. I am not a big fan of mint flavored toothpastes. These are a breath of fresh air (he he) they have very palatable tastes and seem not to be toothpasty, know what I mean? I have tried all except the herbal mint, and find them to be awesome. Currently I am using the vanilla, and Theresa uses the cinnamon. They do the basic job of cleaning, without leaving that slimy feeling. I would recommend you give them a shot.

Hazed and infused

This is one hoppy brew. I picked it up at N street and cracked a warm one. I know it sounds gross, but it is the best way to truly “taste” a beer. When warm all of the flavor compounds are free to express themselves. And I was thirsty. This beer is packed with hops. They don’t list the ibu’s but it is smooth and dry hopped to the max. It is a refreshingly smooth brew with little malt flavor, because there are so many hops. They dry hop with a ton of hops, and with many varieties in the mix, it makes for a very citrusy, sweet, and rounded flavor. This is definitely for the hop heads. It might get confused with an IPA yet it is just a strongly hopped ale. Did I mention that it is hoppy?

I give it 8.5 burps

Wanderlust by Pete’s Wicked

Ehh… would be the best way to describe it. It is a cream ale which means smooth, slightly sweet, and not strongly flavored. Well they did it they made an average brew. Sure it is to style, but for $7.00 I want something that makes me go DAMN that is good. Know what I mean? This is a great beer for lightweights, it is smooth and clean. I just expect more from Pete.

I give it 4 burps.

Sierra Nevada Stout

The flavor champion. Truely the King of its territory. A rich full bodied hopped ale. I love this beer warm, most stouts are supposed to be served slightly cool like heinekin and other beers. It is rare for a stout to be so highly hopped. I swear that they dry hop it. This is by far one of my favorite beers. Most people are afraid of the dark. Stouts do have a little more flavor but most of it is coloring. Butt this is one of those that would make people afraid of stout trtemble in their boots. It is packed with flavor, and aroma. I often just open one up to freshen the air in a room. DRINK IT!

I give it 10 burps.