another night.

Oh holidays how I enjoy the time off, festivities, and family. Curled up with a blanky and watched some tunes on youtube.

Jake Shimabukuro “Orange World”

What Jake is know for on the mainland

Cindy rules as well with Sarah.
Oldie done awesome

Aimee Mann – Wise Up
Sounds amazing for being live.

Aimee doing save me

Some peter gabriel. The guy ruled

Yeah I like female lead singers
Ani DiFranco – Untouchable Face )NSFW has cussin)

Split Lip Rayfield – Red Neck Tailgate Dream @ Wakarusa

Letterman HDTV Steve Martin/Bela Fleck/Tony Trischka Banjo
Seriously this is awesome. You got some of the best folk up there and Steve Martin slays.
The triple banjo makes it so awesome. Steve’s song but Bela caps it of nice.

Birthday Boy – Ween Live

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