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another bump in the refinance road


Got an email from our bank guy saying we need to have at least primer up on the walls before the appraiser can come back out and take a pic of the room to get the ball rolling again on the home refinance. We finally got a little down time this weekend and were feeling so good about our hard work. We were going to paint this weekend, but we are just a bit irked by this latest hurdle and will be starting wed or Thursday evening.

The work by Jesus and friend is amazing. They are really good. They are looking for more work if you need anything done.

Bank: “So we need you guys to get all the walls put back together before we can move forward with this refinance.”

BorK: “Done, let’s get this going.”

Bank: “Well, actually, we’re going to need you paint the walls yet. And then we’ll get moving with this.”

BorK: “Done. They’re a nice shade of chartreuse.”

Bank: “Excellent, but we’re going to need you to stand on one leg with the other leg folded in front of you and quack like a duck.”

Bork: “Seriously?” *stands on one leg, folds leg across in front of him and quacks like a duck*

Bank: “Perfect, now all we need you to do is jump over your own leg that you have crossed in front you while doing that.”

BorK: “Uhhh. . . that’s impossible.”

Bank: “Sir, just do what you are asked.”

BorK: *plunges head-first to the floor*

Bank: “And we need your first-born son.”

BorK: “We don’t have any kids.”

Bank: “Well then, you better get crackin’.” *lights cigar with hundred-dollar bill*

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