Ain’t no party like a Communist party


That’s the Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing, China.

My half-brother just returned from teaching English in South Korea and is trying to get his wife who lives in China a visa so she can come here and live. Anyway, he brought us back some stuff.

*Hard Rock Cafe Beijing shirt. I’ve not seen too many of those. I tried it on last night after seeing the tag said “XXL.” It fit like a medium.
*Cool gold plate
*Another cool shirt for my wife
*A couple little trinkets that have the mascots for the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing.

I gave away a few shirts in return. By the way, we’re giving Loup River Band shirts away so let me know if you want one. We’ll have a new design soon and will be selling those.

I talked to Steve via gmail chat today. He’s having a great time hanging out with T and drinking all the free booze. He said he’s “almost tired of looking at boobs.” Whatever dude. 😉

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