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aerogarden strawberries sorta working out

Well I said I would keep you updated. first post

Seems the transition to hydroponic has caused quite the shock. It makes sense. Going from a cooler and pretty dry soil to soaked in nutrient rich water at a warmer temp is quite the change. Not to mention I had to hack the rhizome and roots to get them to fit in the little aerogarden things. A lot of the big leaves have wilted and needed to be cut off. Our guess was 1/2 would make it and it seems to be what it will be.

There are lots of baby strawberry buds forming from the flowers. Will see what happens. The aerogarden is a fun toy and we will make the best of it. Right now we have herbs rocking in outdoor planters so growing them indoors is not all that usefull. If the strawberries do not work out we will get some flowers kicking till fall when we need fresh herbs once again.

Here is the pic from the day they went in. Seems the difference in the pics is not that much, but from what we see they looked so much happier back then.


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