a few simple ingredients + 1hr = good eats

roasted garlic

After eating all of this… I then thought that I should have taken a pic or two.  Sorry you’ll just have to make this to see how good and easy it is to make: Roasted Chicken and Garlic


4 boneless\skinless chix brst

8 sprigs of fresh Oregano

4 heads of Garlic

EVOO, Kosher Salt, Fresh Grnd Pepper


400 degree oven;  cut tops off of each head of garlic, place (the top you just cut off) cut side down  in middle of 11 x 17 pan.  Place 1 sprig of Oregano on top of each garlic head top and then place chx breast on top of each pile.

Place reaming 4 sprigs of Oregano on top of each chix breast, and season with salt and pepper.  Place remaing garlic heads( cut side up -like picture above) next to chicken.  Drizzle EVOO over everything.

Roast 30 mins, take out and turn garlic heads over and rotate the pan, roast for an additional 30 mins (or till chix temp gets to 165).  If there is any juice left in the pan; drain into measuring cup/ skim off fat.  Serve over chicken.

Dinner plate:  Warm ciabatta bread, piled with roasted garlic; roasted Chix brest; skipped the vieggies. good!

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