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so much <3 for Dinker's

If I lived near I would eat there every day. Thanks Omaha for having a Dinker’s

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Got a reg Dinkers burger with bacon and cheese with rings. Place is pretty cool and tucked in a residential area. We were there at 1 PM and they were still busy and finishing the lunch rush. The burgers are cooked on a flat top scooped with a disher and smashed with a hand press. […]

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While playing Ingress I have visited many towns around Lincoln. One of the teams favorite cities to throw fields over Lincoln from is Dorchester near Crete. Dorchester is the home of City Slicker’s Bar & Grill. It has a bit of everything, pool, dance floor, megatouch, live music with the best instrument from, a […]

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my first Ingress approved portal

That is a reason to go to Dinker’s for sure Ingress used to have a medal for submissions, but they were so overwhelmed by submissions that it could take up to 6 months to get one approved because humans need to check them that they ditched it. You can still submit, but their decision must […]

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Omaha was fun

Picked up a friend from Omaha. We got lunch at Dinker’s and spent some time at The Beercade. The Beercade replaced the Jurrasic Park with a beautiful Cyclone and they have skee ball now 🙂

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I am still craving another Dinker’s burger. The charred patties had such a great flavor and I wanted to recreate at home. Figured a cast iron pan was my best bet. to increase the char I did two 2 ounce patties for each burger which I cut into perfect circles with a tupperware. One piece […]

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The BorKs invade Omaha

So heading up to Omaha for a grub down and shopping fiesta. I have been craving some Omaha grub and Theresa needs some new work clothes. Asked over on the forum for suggestions and thought here might work too. Theresa really wants to go shopping for clothes. She likes to stay young and hip looking, […]

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DINK (double income no kids) has a local food review blog going on. I did not know we were dinkers, but that has a catch ring to it. Lets see, a review of a review blog, hmmmmmmmm….. nope not gonna go there. But, I will go there to read their takes on some places, you […]

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